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Workshop: "Holding Space" - a leadership program in 24 hours

Take your first step toward your new leadership experience:
Creating and maintaining spaces for people in your surroundings in which they can work together to achieve surprising results.
In 24 hours we introduce you to the practice of "holding space" - in a way that is immediately applicable.

Transformation, change,  pressure to innovate - there are few words current used more than these.
But what does this all mean for me as a leader, and how do I support my employees in finding the best way forward together?
Under such circumstances, it's not easy making time for new things; thus, we have come up with the most efficient way to help you:

„Holding Space“ – a leadership program in 24 hours

Start: Friday, 9 June 2017 16:00
End: Saturday 10 June 2017 16:00
Participation fee: 990€ / 700€*  
 * (5 spots available for "private participants", NGOs for the special price of 700€ - "early bird"), prices do not include VAT, prices do not include hotel and accommodation costs, payable during registration - the program is conducted in English
Location: Seminarhotel Krainerhütte

Click here to register

17-18 November 2017
Start and end times and prices same as above.

GPS address:
Helenental 41
A -2532 Heiligenkreuz

Program objectives and content:

 - Exploring together how we can create and maintain spaces for innovation and top performance
- Using an online tool to reflect on one's own actions/behavior and to precisely identify strengths and areas of improvement
- Introduction to the nowhere "Leadership Diamond" - the four characteristics and the eight intentions that can provide you with extra support for your leadership duties in the future
Working together to discover the micro-skills that truly make a difference
 Connecting as a leader to your own "learning journey"
- Getting feedback on your individual skills and abilities
- Developing your own experiments on implementing what you've learned in the next 60 days

Are you in?

Please submit registration forms per email to Ms. Jessica Kaiser (jessica.kaiser@hill.international) or register by phone at +4317969798-33.

We look forward to working with you!

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